Amazon Echo Loop Review

Smart Ring is the optimal combination of a tiny smart card and an electronic NFC module. NFC contactless technology features an ultra-short range. The limited distance improves user safety while wearing it on the finger eliminates most of the disadvantages. Take a look at Amazon Echo Loop Review on the article below.

What Does a Ring with an NFC Chip Look Like?

At first glance, an NFC ring is no different from jewelry. The difference goes deeper: the built-in chip turns a familiar trifle into a working payment card. By synchronizing the smart ring with your phone, you will receive social media notifications, player, and camera control. The echo loop shows the time, sets the timer and stopwatch. The connection is carried out using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The gadget is compatible with smartphones running on Android and iOS operating systems.

Echo Loop is a smart ring is a gadget that integrates a processor capable of performing user-preset functions. With its help, you can contactless control various objects, unlock your smartphone and make virtual calls. The owner of the ring no longer needs to carry IC, ID, and NFC cards with him – the manufacturer has tried to combine all the possibilities offered by RFID technology in one gadget.

The ring has a non-volatile memory, all data entered into it can be stored indefinitely. This allows you to perform various tasks in accordance with the scenarios previously recorded in the gadget using a special program:

  • unlock the smartphone with one touch of the ring;
  • disable or enable WiFi;
  • get access to the cloud service using the password saved in the ring memory – the owner does not need to enter it manually;
  • save a note, a link to a website, and other text information in the device’s non-volatile memory;
  • making an urgent call by placing the ring on the phone;
  • send a pre-recorded SMS message by simply touching your smartphone;
  • transfer an electronic business card previously created in the gadget application to the smartphone of a business partner in one motion; enter an entrance with an intercom, into a room, a club, an enterprise, a car park, etc., without taking an ID card from your wallet;
  • use instead of a discount card when paying for goods to receive a discount; pay for public transport using the ring as a copy of a payment card.

Amazon Echo Loop Smart Ring Problems

Smart rings are a rather paradoxical class of gadgets. They have a damn convenient format, probably the best of all wearable electronics. But at the same time, none of the developers really knows what to do with them. Due to the lack of a common vector of movement, manufacturers pull the ingenious idea of smart rings into shreds, step on the same rake, and over and over again invent bicycles without the steering wheel, pedals and wheels. Smart rings will remain toys for geeks full of children’s sores:

  • they are not that small, especially when it comes to models with a display and a battery, so it may not be very convenient to carry them around on your finger all day;
  • they are not very pretty: there are also cute models, but a typical smart ring looks like a plastic toy from “Kinder Surprise”, which only a fifth-grader can wear without shame in public;
  • they are buggy: again, not all, but many, because they are usually released with crowdfunding money from small companies that have neither the strength nor the funds to debug production and fine-tune the software.